Datsun 4x4.5 Bolt Pattern

Used, bead blasted 14x7 ARE "trapezoid" slot wheel design Price for single wheel: Blasted $150.00; non blasted $125.  Quote for all 3 wheels upon request. Please reference wheel AD# wfs-111 Due to dimensions and weight, purchase of wheels must be processed manually through our in-house invoicing system.  Please call or email us to purchase or request a quote with shipping cost included. History Note: This unique "trapezoid" slot wheel design with a 4x4.5" bolt circle, is quite rare to find based on my 30 years of parting out early Z cars.  Apart from the trapezoid shaped slot d

Used, bead blasted 14×7 ARE “trapezoid” slot wheel design

Used, 14x7 Western Cyclone I wheel set Wheels have had front faces acid washed and one or more have been bead blasted clean on fronts & backsides making them ready to be either custom painted or polished. Please contact us with your ZIP code to request on a total price with shipping

Used 14×7 Western Cyclone I wheel set of 4

Excellent used condition, classic 14x6 AutoBahn mesh design wheels 2 wheels come with original caps To purchase please send us your ZIP code and request a quote with shipping for number of wheels in set you wish to purchase.

Used, clean condition set of 4, 13×5.5″ vintage slot wheels - brand unknown Front faces have been acid cleaned. Sold as a complete set of 4

Used, clean condition set of 4, 13×5.5″ vintage slot wheels – brand unknown

Used Nissan OEM 14x6 wheel set, pn 40303-N3200 Front faces been acid cleaned.  Photos show typical used condition of 3 sets of these wheels in inventory.  When time allows, photos of a specific set can be taken and emailed to a serious buyer. Price for this SET: $995.00 plus shipping NOTE: Due to size and weight of this item our shopping cart can not calculate a total with shipping charge included. Historical Note: This wheel (pn 40303-N3200) is the only OEM wheel that Nissan specifically produced for the 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z (S30) models world wide.  Nissan parts catalog shows

Vintage (4/73) Nissan OEM wheel set, 40303-N3200

Refurbished Set of 4 ARE Vector wheels All wheels have been professionally bead blasted clean front and back ready for clear coating or custom paint per buyer's preference. Please call or email us direct for full details on this set Bolt pattern 4x4.5" 0 offset. PRICE: $550.00 (without center caps) NOTE: Sales of wheels must be custom processed to insure accurate shipping cost added to total.  To purchase, please send us your full name, ship to address, email address and phone #.  We will email orcall you within 2 business days with a shipping quote.

Refurbished Set of 4 14×6 ARE Vector wheels with zero offset for Datsun models

SOLD  Vintage 14x6 Shelby Cal 500 slot wheels 4x4.5 bolt pattern. Sold as a complete set of 4. To arrange a purchase, send a request via our "Parts Inquiry form" with your complete name, ship to address and phone #.  We will email or call you with complete purchase information and a shipping quote. 2 wheels in set have been previously polished.   3 & 4 have not. Overall, set is in good, used condition 4 tab aftermarket center caps sold separate from wheels. 2 caps are like new, 3rd is bright & clean. The 4th shows more weathered age, but could clean up to acceptable match

Vintage, used 14×6 Shelby Cal 500 slot wheels, set of 4

77-78 280Z OEM Wheel Covers Used, OEM 77-78 280Z OEM wheel covers.  pn 40315-N4700 priced per used condition. Please call or email us to discuss conditions & prices available. Shown in AD photo is one of 4 excellent used condition covers we have for sale as a match set.  Singles can be purchased also. This style of hub cap is specific to 77-78 model years of Datsun 280Z matched to specific OEM 4x5.5" steel wheel.  When installed on original factory issued 77-78 factory steel wheels with correct position of alignment tang, lug access holes will line up with position of lug nu

Used, OEM 77-78 280Z OEM wheel covers.  pn 40315-N4700 priced per used condition.

Used 15x7 Enkei 92 Wheels One of the most attractive vintage design wheels you can put on an early 1970-83 Z/ZX car. These are the original, "old school" type of Enkei 92 wheels with a "zero" offset as opposed to the current day, re-issued #92 model with a -15mm offset. Priced to sell as single wheels.  To purchase all three wheels as a set of 3 at a discount, please call or email for a price quote. NOTE: Our shopping cart is not setup to calculate shipping cost on this part.  To purchase, email us your ZIP code and number of wheels you wish to purchase so we ca

Used 15×7 Enkei 92 Wheels, one of the most attractive vintage design wheels

Used 14x6.5 Turbine wheels Brand unknown, but many details point to Kelsey-Hayes/ET brand that made virtually the exact same design wheel.  All wheels in excellent used condition.  Wheels have been partially cleaned up with acid cleaner. ** Price shown is for a single wheel. For a quote and shipping cost email us your name, ship to address & phone # plus number of wheels you wish to purchase and we will email back a total cost quote.

Used 14×6.5 Turbine style wheels for Datsun cars