240Z Headlight-Wiper Switch Identification

240Z Headlight-Wiper Switch Identification

To reduce the confusion for many contacting ZPARTS.COM for a used replacement headlight/wiper switch for a 240Z model in this blog post I have published both a visual ID photo of all switch types I have currently in my inventory and a chart showing how many times Nissan changed the switch on just 240Z models from 1969 to July of 1973.

To date I can’t claim to be able to discern the differences, if any, between some of the switches with differing or superseded part numbers, but after carefully going through tens up tens of used switches in my inventory, I have come up with a photographic comparison of what I think show the differences for at least each production year model.

The main value in the comparison photo is in the differences in color, length and connector size and type of each wire coming off each switch from one year model to the next.  Before contacting ZPARTS.COM about purchasing a used switch, first find a match to yours in photo and then email me your car’s production date and your choice based on labels in the ID photo.

To view larger version of above photo click HERE

Part Number revision history per Production Date range

part # model applied date qty interchange superceded
from to newer former
240Z headlight/wiper switch part number / Production date changes
25160-E4600  240Z 7012 1
25160-E4601  240Z 7101 1 No No 25160-E4600
25160-E4602  240Z 7101 7108 1 Yes Yes 25160-E4601
25160-E8800  240Z 7109 7206 1 No No 25160-E4602
25160-N3300  240Z 7207 7307 1 Yes Yes 25160-E8800



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