Used 280ZX Rear Hatch wiper motor Externally cleaned and tested.  Unit runs smooth and quiet. Comes with used mounting hardware and rubber bushings for spindle to hatch and wiper arm minus 3 mount tab screws.  See AD photo Part Fitment Part Number Model Year Trim Engine Important vehicle option details 28710-P7100 280ZX 1979-1983 GL, NON GL 6 Cyl 2.8L L28E, L28ET pn on label of unit reads "28710-P7130"

Used 79-83 280ZX Rear Hatch wiper motor, pn 28710-P7100

Used 280ZX analog gauge dash harness with auto rear defogger pn 24013-P7902 NOTE: ON This specific harness there are 4 wire leads showing without a connector attached. If you have a badly damaged harness in your car with this one connector in good condition you could use it to repair this only issue on this harness. In addition to this dash gauge harness, an unidentified harness, found connected to gauge harness, also with one connector missing, is included with the purchase of the dash gauge harness. Production Date: 07/1980-08/1981 Fitting Vehicle Options: *FED. 2S. J + *

Used 280ZX analog gauge dash harness with auto rear defogger

280ZX Actuator-Vacuum ByPass door Used Vent Door Actuator for 79-83 280ZX (GL, NON GL) models (pn 27084-P7100) part now NLA Vacuum operated Vent Door Actuator mounted on driver side of Heater core box .  Controls door flap that opens and closes air vent door near gas pedal. Accessories in photo are included.  Unit tested OK

Used (NLA) Vent Door Actuator for 79-83 280ZX (GL, NON GL) models (pn 27084-P7100)

Note: NOS, OEM assembly featured in this AD in the past has SOLD We still have many good condition, USED 17 tooth (black), (pn 32703-78101) pinion/carrier sleeve assemblies in stock to sell.  If interested, send us a request for a quote via our Parts Inquiry form NOTE: The 17 tooth gear should be matched to a 3:54 ratio differential to cause speedo gauge to display correct speed. NOTE 2: See my blog post SPEEDO GEARS & SLEEVES ILLUSTRATED for more documentation on other colors & tooth count pinion gears in our inventory

USED 17 tooth (black), (pn 32703-78101) pinion/carrier sleeve assembly

Above average Used condition, Datsun/Nissan L6 engine timing cover, 13501-A8600 NOTE:  "Above average used condition" covers will have minimum water pump passage cavitation and no scratches on seal or gasket surfaces of any concern to an engine builder.  Bead blasted, cleaned up covers are not always ready to ship.  Usually we can get one ready to ship within a few days to a week if a prospective buyer alerts us to his/her needs a bit in advance.  Please call before placing an order. Fits all 70-83 L24, L26, L28 engines used original to 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 280ZX models.  Also ot

Above average Used condition, Datsun/Nissan L6 engine timing cover, 13501-A8600

Used, bead blasted 14x7 ARE "trapezoid" slot wheel design Price for single wheel: Blasted $150.00; non blasted $125.  Quote for all 3 wheels upon request. Please reference wheel AD# wfs-111 Due to dimensions and weight, purchase of wheels must be processed manually through our in-house invoicing system.  Please call or email us to purchase or request a quote with shipping cost included. History Note: This unique "trapezoid" slot wheel design with a 4x4.5" bolt circle, is quite rare to find based on my 30 years of parting out early Z cars.  Apart from the trapezoid shaped slot d

Used, bead blasted 14×7 ARE “trapezoid” slot wheel design

Excellent used condition 280ZX shift boot, black Would be excellent to use in a quality restoration project.  Boot in this AD is in exceptional used condition with no tears or visible abrasions.  One corner of upper most section has ever so slight wear off of original textured rubber down to smooth, but is barely noticeable. Close up detail sent upon request. We have several more 280ZX shift boots in useable, but somewhat more worn condition in different colors for half the price of this one.  Contact us through our Parts Inquiry form if interested. Restoration Reference: Part numbe

Excellent used condition 280ZX shift boot, black