Speedo Gears & Sleeves Illustrated

Nissan Part Number

Gear Color

Teeth Count to Differential Ratio

32703-78100 16T YELLOW 16t 3.363 37/11
32703-78101 17T BLACK 17t 3.545 39/11
32703-78102 18T BLUE 18t 3.700 37/10
32703-78103 19T WHITE 19t 3.900 39/10
32703-78104 20T RED 20t 4.111 37/9
32703-86401 21T PURPLE 21t 4.333 39/9
32703-86402 22T ORANGE 22t 4.625 37/8
32703-86403 23T GREEN 23t 4.875 39/8


When you acquire a lot of Z cars over 30 years time you take a lot of them apart just to pass the time.  Ask anybody?  …… they’ll tell ‘ya that it’s a lot more fun taking a car apart than putting it back together.  So when you tak’um apart, you end up pulling lots of engines………that have lots of trannies attached.

Next thing you know, you’ve got way to many trannies laying about,  so…………… you start tak’in them apart also.  And when you do you end up with a lot of stray tranny parts, some of which Z’ers care about as well as some………….. they don’t.  Which brings me finally to the topic:  SPEEDO GEAR Colors, Teeth Count, Sleeves/Carriers and what differential ratios they are intended to be matched to.

So I give you photo illustration and table above as a starting point.  Might add a bit more later on.  Never Know!

Note:  All these gear colors, except the 22t & 23t  and all sleeves are available to purchase in like new, USED condition in case any of you are looking for one.

Eric Neyerlin – owner of ZPARTS.COM


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