14×6 Nissan OEM wheel set, 40303-N3200


14×6 Nissan OEM wheel set, 40303-N3200

Vintage (4/73) Nissan OEM wheel set, 40303-N3200


Product Description

Used Nissan OEM 14×6 wheel set, pn 40303-N3200

Front faces been acid cleaned.  Photos show typical used condition of 3 sets of these wheels in inventory.  When time allows, photos of a specific set can be taken and emailed to a serious buyer.

Price: $595.00 plus shipping

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Historical Note: This wheel (pn 40303-N3200) is the only OEM wheel that Nissan specifically produced for the 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z (S30) models world wide.  Nissan parts catalog shows a 4/73 production date for this design.  Though common to most S30 models sold in Australia, Canada? and Europe this wheel was not offered stock on any US imported Z  cars except for one year on the 1977 Black Pearl special edition model.

Now, 46 years after the 240Z models were first introduction, this rare factory wheel is increasingly regarded as the the only true, period correct, vintage factory aluminum wheel to put on a meticulously restored S30 models, apart from original, model year correct, steel wheels and hub caps common to US models.

Side Note: A rumor has floated around the Z enthusiast sites for many years  that there is a slot wheel design that is original to 240Z models sold in US.  My research has tracked down examples of this specific 14×5.5″ slot mag design and original owners that support this rumor, but best I can determine this specific slot mag was offered only as a “dealer option” and it’s source was an aftermarket wheel maker, not Nissan.  – Eric Neyerlin – owner of  ZPARTS.COM

Additional Information

Weight 68 lbs


Wheel Size


Bolt Pattern

4 x 114.3


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