Early 240Z front brake baffle design

Thought I’d take a moment to share with others a shot I took today of a pair of very early Series One 240Z  brake baffle plates that I am in the process of restoring for sale at ZPARTS.COM

These baffles (RH 41151-E4100 & LH 41161-E4100) have a much larger brake cooling inlet duct opening than later design used on most S30 models after May 1970.  Kind of rare to run across this unique looking duct.  May add better photos later on showing a comparison of inlet opening size to that of the later design.

Tables below will show you the critical production date changes of different designs of baffle plates used through the life of the Series One (early & late 240Z), Series Two (260Z) and Series Three (280Z) models.  Text in blue denotes specific baffle plate design and original part numbers for pair for sale HERE.

part # model applied date qty interchange superceded
from to newer former
41151-E4100     7005 1
41151-E4102 7006 7408 1 Yes Yes 41151-E4100
41151-N3100 7409 1 Yes Yes 41151-E4102
41161-E4100     7005 1
41161-E4102 7006 7408 1 Yes Yes 41161-E4100
41161-N3100 7409 1 Yes Yes 4116U-E4102


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