Ranco NOS (H28-305) Manual Heater Control Valve fits: 8/73-8/75 260Z-74.5-76 260Z/280Z with manual heater system Unit is virtually the exact same valve as the OEM  valve (pn: 27116-N3600) and will bolt up and function exactly as original OEM unit.  In fact the Ranco unit is probably a bit more reliable due to one design change to rear plunger rod connector where it replaced OEM design with a stronger looking rod linkage. NOTE: we happen to have a clean set of  original OEM cloth wrapped water hoses in somewhat faded, but excellent used physical condition (see photo) that we can sell s

Ranco NOS (H28-305) Heater Control Valve for 74-8/75 260Z-74.5-76 260Z/280Z

Used 75-76 OEM 280Z Hazard Switch Note: This switch sold in either "non refurbished" or "Refurbished" condition. Both conditions offered will test as "functioning OK", but refurbished units will feel smoother, be buff polished and will most likely give many more years of service than a non cleaned, refurbished switch. Click on "Choose Option" to select condition to purchase. part # model applied date qty interchange superceded from to newer former COMP-SWITCH HAZARD 25910-N3600 12/74  7/76 1 Note: Though this switch is slightly diffe

75-76 280Z Hazard Switch – In Used or Refurbished condition

Datsun S30 fender extension 63115-N4700

Used Nissan OEM (NLA) Fender Extension, RH Fits all 70-78 Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z (all S30 models) Best quality OEM,  used condition with only some minor light surface rust on backside area that will clean up easily prior to paint.  All threaded studs and threads in undamaged condition.  No dents or bondo. We also have lower priced, but quite decent and usable used condition variations of this part in stock.  Call us direct to inquire about one of these to fit your budget. Popular or alternate names for this part are Fender Extension, headlight bucket, headlight cone, headlig

Best quality,  USED condition 240Z, 260Z, 280Z RH headlamp case 63115-N4700

Used, Tested AC Vent Door Actuator for 8/73-78 Datsun 260Z - 280Z Vacuum operated Vent Door Actuator mounted on passenger side AC distribution box .  Controls flap that opens and closes AC  air distribution vent door. Original part number 27080-N3600 replaced by 27080-N3601.  Unit now NLA

Used (NLA) AC Vent Door Actuator for 8/73-78 Datsun 260Z – 280Z

speedometer pinion gear assy

Note: NOS, OEM assembly featured in this AD in the past has SOLD We still have many good condition, USED 17 tooth (black), (pn 32703-78101) pinion/carrier sleeve assemblies in stock to sell.  If interested, send us a request for a quote via our Parts Inquiry form NOTE: The 17 tooth gear should be matched to a 3:54 ratio differential to cause speedo gauge to display correct speed. NOTE 2: See my blog post SPEEDO GEARS & SLEEVES ILLUSTRATED for more documentation on other colors & tooth count pinion gears in our inventory

USED 17 tooth (black), (pn 32703-78101) pinion/carrier sleeve assembly

ARE "trapezoid" slot wheel design

Used, bead blasted 14x7 ARE "trapezoid" slot wheel design Price for single wheel: Blasted $150.00; non blasted $125.  Quote for all 3 wheels upon request. Please reference wheel AD# wfs-111 Due to dimensions and weight, purchase of wheels must be processed manually through our in-house invoicing system.  Please call or email us to purchase or request a quote with shipping cost included. History Note: This unique "trapezoid" slot wheel design with a 4x4.5" bolt circle, is quite rare to find based on my 30 years of parting out early Z cars.  Apart from the trapezoid shaped slot d

Used, bead blasted 14×7 ARE “trapezoid” slot wheel design

280Z fuse cover

Used fuse cover for a 2/75 280Z 2+2 AT model.  Functional replacement cover.  No cracks or overheated areas, but there is some visible scuffing on plastic surface. This cover most likely will be correct for 1976 AT 280Z models, but has not been verified as correct for 77-78 280Z models. Note: Because AT vs MT models and individual years of 280Z models often had changes in their wiring harnesses, it is the responsibility of a purchaser, if no original fuse cover is in hand,  to compare labels on this fuse cover with the layout of the fuse block on intended car to insure that this cover

Used fuse cover for a 2/75 280Z 2+2 AT model.

240Z-260Z Warning Buzzer

Used warning buzzer for 72-73 240Z & 260Z models to 11/74 part # model applied date qty interchange superceded from to newer former ASSY-BUZZER WARNING 24814-68200 1 24814-E4600 1 Yes Yes 24814-68200 24814-E4601 7112 1 Yes Yes 24814-E4600 25450-E8800   7201 7307 1 No No 24814-E4601 26350-N3600 2 SEATER 2+2 SEAT ER 7308  7411 1 No No 25450-E8800

Used warning buzzer for 72-73 240Z & 260Z models to 11/74