Joint – Breather Tube, 240Z Series One, 17227-E4100

240Z vapor tank breather tube 17227-E4100

Joint – Breather Tube, 240Z Series One, 17227-E4100

Used Series One 240Z breather hose connector joint


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Product Description

Used 240Z vapor tank to breather hose joint

If you are experiencing a lot of gas fumes in your 240Z after filling up your tank, this little connector joint could be at least one source of the fumes if it has developed cracks from age and road vibration. Replacing a crack tube with a non cracked one can stop fumes from at least coming from this are of your car.  See my ZP Blog Tech write-up Crack Vapor Tube Connector for more info.

This small, nearly undetectable, nylon plastic tube joins an integrated plastic rubber opening coming out of upper filler tube to an aprox. 12″ long rubber hose leading to a nipple on the early Series One plastic evaporation tanks.  The end of the rubber hose is pressed so tightly together that often this plastic tube’s condition  can not be seen.

Nissan parts catalog list an evolution of 4 numbers (below) for this small, essential part, but to my experience there is only one design of this nylon plastic connector tube.  If someone knows better, please take the time to inform me.

part # model applied date qty interchange superceded
from to newer former
17227-E4100 L24 CRANK & EXHAU ST 7103 1
17227-E4101 L24 CRANK & EXHAU ST 7104 1 No No 17227-E4100
17227-E4600 L24 EVAPO 7103 1
17227-E4601 L24,L26 EVAPO 7104 1 Yes Yes 17227-E4600

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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 5 in


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