Weber/Redline Dual DGV Carburetor setups for L6 engines This specific DGV setup has sold. We have several more partially complete, 2 carb setups for sale at reduced prices. All setups have complete carburetor bodies and manifold adapters for Z car side mounting, but accessories like throttle rod and linkage arms may be missing.  These misc pieces can still be purchased from Weber/Redline.  If interested please call us direct with your project needs and we will check our stock to determine whether we can help or not. NOTE: Due to weight and size purchase of a DGV setup must be in

(SOLD) excellent used condition Weber Dual DGV downdraft carburetor setup for L6 engine Z cars.

Used 14x6.5 Turbine wheels Brand unknown, but many details point to Kelsey-Hayes/ET brand that made virtually the exact same design wheel.  All wheels in excellent used condition.  Wheels have been partially cleaned up with acid cleaner. ** Price shown is for a single wheel. For a quote and shipping cost email us your name, ship to address & phone # plus number of wheels you wish to purchase and we will email back a total cost quote.

Used 14×6.5 Turbine style wheels for Datsun cars

1998 Nissan Showroom Poster Set Never framed or displayed, brand new, NOS set of original 1998 Nissan Showroom Posters for the famous "Dreamcar Garage" TV and magazine AD campaign. The set showcases some of the most iconic images of early Datsun models produced by Nissan from the earliest 1930s up to the well known yellow 1972 G-Nose 240Z, once the personal car of Mr. K. Set comes in original Nissan packaging, but does not include "magnets" referred to on the outside of poster packaging.

New, original 1998 Nissan “Dreamcar” Showroom Poster set

New NOS/OEM Nissan 280ZX exhaust pipe/muffler assembly Direct replacement on 1981-1983 280ZX models. Nissan Part No.: 20100-P9100 New NOS, OEM muffler & exhaust pipe. Bolts directly up to factory catalytic converter. No welding required. This OEM 280ZX part has been NLA for many years. For owners with a prize condition 280ZX, replacing their car's old, rusty, leaking and noisy pipe & muffler section with this, new, NOS, & quiet unit would be a great upgrade. Part Fitment Model Year Trim Engine Important vehicle option details 280ZX 1981-198

New NOS/OEM Nissan 280ZX exhaust pipe & muffler assy.