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1998 Nissan Showroom Poster Set Never framed or displayed, brand new, NOS set of original 1998 Nissan Showroom Posters for the famous "Dreamcar Garage" TV and magazine AD campaign. The set showcases some of the most iconic images of early Datsun models produced by Nissan from the earliest 1930s up to the well known yellow 1972 G-Nose 240Z, once the personal car of Mr. K. Set comes in original Nissan packaging, but does not include "magnets" referred to on the outside of poster packaging.

New, original 1998 Nissan “Dreamcar” Showroom Poster set

Used, original Datsun - Nissan Fan Cage, for 160w AC/Heater fan motor Excellent used condition - no cracks of any concern - cage has been cleaned up and inspected closely. Fits 74.5-78 260Z & 280Z models Now that the 260Z & 280Z models pass the 40 year mark, I am receiving increasing reports of these plastic fan cages developing severe enough cracks around the motor shaft attachment point as to cause the to self destruct once powered up to full speed by the much more powerful 160W fan motors on these Datsun cars Z PARTS has several more of these cages in varying used condit

Used, not tested, Fuel Injection (EGI)  Relay for 75-77 280Z models. Nissan number on unit label is A13-000 002.  Nissan part number for all 280Z models, MT or AT, appears to be 22696-N4202 Now NLA, this 11 prong relay is crucial to a fuel injected 280Z starting and running.  Very difficult to find this part in any usable condition these days. Fitment Note: Nissan parts lists for 280Z shows only one part number, but we have same unit in stock with slightly different numbers on label, A13-000 001 and  A13-000 002 (blue text).   When purchasing, we advise that you onl

Rare Fuel Injection Relay for 280Z AT models,  A13-000 002