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Used, semi-restored 72-23 240Z OEM steering wheel Excellent used condition with no scratches or blemishes in "wood grain" like grip.  Wheel is in process of being completely restored. Pictured in this AD, at price shown, aluminum metal spokes and inner hub have been bead blasted clean ready for a 2 stage primer & paint. As steps in restoration progress, price will increase to reflect time and labor expended. Once totally restored, price will be $495.00 To request current stage of restoration and price email Eric at sales@zparts.com.  Please refer to steering wheel with SKU

Semi-restored 240Z OEM steering wheel. Wheel is in process of being completely restored.  Read description for future price change.

L6 engine support insulator New, NOS RH/LH Front engine support insulator for 70-78 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 79-83 280ZX.  May also be correct for any other Datsun models of that era that came with L4? & L6 engines installed, such as Datsun 810, Maxima.  Send us measurements of insulator you are replacing and we'll compare it to this NOS unit or check  interchange for other classic Datsun models at carpartsmanual.com

New, NOS RH/LH Front engine support insulator for 70-78 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 79-83 280ZX

240Z, 260Z, 280Z door window glass For coupe models to 7/75, RH (pn 80311-E4101) Pricing Note: Final price on any window glass will be determined by used condition selected or requests for custom search for specific condition criteria plus special handling/packaging fee required to ship glass safely.  For a price quote or to purchase, please contact us direct via phone or our Parts Request Form on this site.  

RH (80311-E4101) door window glass for coupe models up to production date 7/75

Nissan OEM (NLA) Fender Extension, LH, (used) Fits all 70-78 Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z (all S30 models) Best quality,  used condition with only some minor light surface rust on backside area that will clean up easily prior to paint.  All threaded studs and threads in undamaged condition.  No dents or bondo. We also have lower priced, but quite decent and usable used condition variations of this part in stock.  Call us direct to inquire about one of these to fit your budget. Popular or alternate names for this part are Fender Extension, headlight bucket, headlight cone, headligh

Best quality,  USED condition 240Z, 260Z, 280Z headlight bucket with only minor light surface rust on backside area

Weber/Redline Dual DGV Carburetor setups for L6 engines This specific DGV setup has sold. We have several more partially complete, 2 carb setups for sale at reduced prices. All setups have complete carburetor bodies and manifold adapters for Z car side mounting, but accessories like throttle rod and linkage arms may be missing.  These misc pieces can still be purchased from Weber/Redline.  If interested please call us direct with your project needs and we will check our stock to determine whether we can help or not. NOTE: Due to weight and size purchase of a DGV setup must be in

(SOLD) excellent used condition Weber Dual DGV downdraft carburetor setup for L6 engine Z cars.

The S30 Model Parts Interchange Manual is a reproduction of a 1970s era parts interchange reference publication for body & repair shops, that covers mostly the exterior & suspension/drivetrain sections of the 1970-1978 240Z, 260Z & 280Z models (Nissan model code :S30") that might need to be sourced to repair a damaged vehicle.  However, some parts in the engine bay and interior are also covered in part, but not with total logic. All that said, these 8 pages of numbered illustrations and highly condensed information can be really invaluable for a Z car owner to have on his c

This S30 Model Parts Interchange Manual is a reproduction of a 1970s era parts interchange reference publication for body & repair shops….

Used 14x6.5 Turbine wheels Brand unknown, but many details point to Kelsey-Hayes/ET brand that made virtually the exact same design wheel.  All wheels in excellent used condition.  Wheels have been partially cleaned up with acid cleaner. ** Price shown is for a single wheel. For a quote and shipping cost email us your name, ship to address & phone # plus number of wheels you wish to purchase and we will email back a total cost quote.

Used 14×6.5 Turbine style wheels for Datsun cars

Fiberglass Side Skirt Kit
$189.50 $170.00

New, never installed, fiberglass side skirt set. Fits 70-78 Datsun - Nissan 240Z, 260Z & 280Z (S30) coupes Exact same fiberglass side skirt kit that Motorsport Auto lists online as Code: 50-1461 priced at $189.99 MSA description reads: "Finish off your ground effects look with these fiberglass side skirts. Includes one left and one right side"

Side skirt kit for 70-78 Datsun – Nissan Z cars

Fiberglass Rear Skirt
$198.50 $185.00

Brand new, never installed, classic style fiberglass rear skirt. Fits 70-78 S30 coupe bodies, (240Z, 260Z & 280Z) Exact same Fiberglass Rear Skirt that Motorsport Auto lists online as Code: 50-1470 priced at $199.99

Rear Skirt for 70-78 S30 Z cars