USED fuel sending unit correct for 84-89 300ZX digital dash, GLL models. Other Nissan part numbers that appear to cross reference to above # are 25060-01P15, 25060-17P15, 25060-17P16, 25060-17P70 To purchase a sending unit please contact us via email or phone to make clear which of the several different types of fuel sending units you may need. At minimum we will need to know your dash gauge type, car's production date and color of plastic sheath that covers units pigtail wiring harness. A photo of your unit to clarify whether you have an early float or canister type of unit is always help

Used 84-89 300ZX digital dash fuel sending unit

used Nissan Power Window Motor, LH 80731-01P00 (regulator not included) Other part numbers associated with this power window motor: 8073101F00, 8073101P10, 8073165F04 Vehicles This Part Fits MAKE MODEL YEAR Nissan 200SX 1988-1984 Nissan 240SX 1998-1995 Nissan 240SX 1994-1994 From 2/94 Nissan 300ZX 1989-1984

Used Nissan Power Window Motor, LH 80731-01P00

used 300ZX Power Window Motor, RH 80730-01P10 Note: A $25.00, refundable core charge will be added to PayPal invoice sent to buyer.  Buyer has 60 days from receipt of part to return core for refund. Buyer pays core return shipping. Other part numbers associated with this power window motor: 80730-01F00, 80730-01P10, 80730-65F04 Fits the following 300ZX model options: Production Date: 07/1983- Fitting Vehicle Options: FED. 2S. (GL+ GLL) + CAL. 2S. (GL+ GLL), FED. 4S + CAL. 4S Other Vehicles This Part Fits MAKE MODEL YEAR Nissan 200SX 1988-1984 Ni

used 300ZX Power Window Motor, LH 80730-01P10

1998 Nissan Showroom Poster Set Never framed or displayed, brand new, NOS set of original 1998 Nissan Showroom Posters for the famous "Dreamcar Garage" TV and magazine AD campaign. The set showcases some of the most iconic images of early Datsun models produced by Nissan from the earliest 1930s up to the well known yellow 1972 G-Nose 240Z, once the personal car of Mr. K. Set comes in original Nissan packaging, but does not include "magnets" referred to on the outside of poster packaging.

New, original 1998 Nissan “Dreamcar” Showroom Poster set

Used MAS Unit,  300ZX 22680-24P00   Model years that this unit fits has not yet been researched.  Part number in title gleaned from internet, but not yet verified.  May fit all years of Z31 from 1984 to 89, but typical of Nissan this unit probably does not fit both standard and turbo models. I suggest that you note down the color of the label and number on it and take it to a Nissan dealer to determine whether it will fit your year and model.

Used Nissan 1984-1987 300ZX Mass Airflow Sensor unit. pn 22680-24P00