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Clutch slave cylinder for early Z cars NOS, NLA clutch slave cylinder for 70-6/72 Datsun 240Z car and other Classic Datsun models. Nissan part number  on box 30620-28503 (replaced by 30620-V2800) pn 30620-V2800 appears to have also replaced Nissan pns 30620-28502, 30620-28513, 30620-28S13 NOTE: Before ordering this cylinder be sure to compare threaded end with nut design to what is on your car.  Later 72 models thru 1975 did not have a threaded rod and were meant to be used with a slightly altered clutch throwout bearing fork.

NOS, NLA clutch slave cylinder for 70-72 Datsun 240Z car and other Classic Datsun models. Nissan part number 30620-28503 (replaced by 30620-V2800)

USED RH air intake Duct - 240Z, 260Z, 280Z Have several in soft,  pliable condition with no cracks. Light surface rust on outer metal rivet heads and tab that will clean up easily with wire wheel on a Dremel tool. Interchange Chart part # model applied date qty interchange superceded from to   newer former 62590-E4100 240Z 1969 ? 1 62590-E4101 240Z/260Z/280Z ? ? 1 Yes Yes 62590-E4100

USED, OEM NLA 70-76 RH air intake duct. May fit 77-78 Z model also?

USED LH air intake duct 62591-E4101 Clean, non brittle, very pliable, very hard to find item suitable for a restoration. LH ASSY-GUIDE AIR INTAKE part # model applied date qty interchange superceded from to newer former 62591-E4100 240Z 1969 ? 1 62591-E4101 240Z/260Z ? ? 1 Yes Yes 62591-E4100 62591-N4500 260Z/280Z 7409 7607 1 No No 62591-E4101

USED LH air intake duct for 70-7/76 240Z, 260Z, 280Z  pn 62591-E4101 (replaced by 62591-N4500)

Used, OEM 70-76 Z Car Gas Cap Cap design came original on 72-76 Z car models, but will fit and seal just fine on early 70-71 240Z models Cap in AD photo has sold, but I expect to have more in stock by fall 2018.  Other caps may look a bit more aged, but will be inspected and test fitted to insure a tight seal before being shipped. OEM part for 1972-1976  240Z-260Z-280Z models  Will also fit 70-71 240Z models part # model applied date qty interchange superceded from to newer former ASSY-CAP FILLER 17251-N4500  240Z-260Z  10/71 1

Used Datsun OEM Gas Cap for 1972-1976  240Z-260Z-280Z models

New Genuine Nissan R180 Differential Gasket Replaces: PNs  38353-78500, 38353-U3000, 38353-U3000AS Fits 69-83  Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z & 280ZX models that came with R180 differentials.  Several other Datsun & Nissan models came stock with same R180 differentials as well.  Below is a partial list of models known that this gasket applies to: Model Year Trim Engine Important vehicle option details 200SX 1984-1988 GL, SGL 4 Cyl 2.0L CA20E 280ZX 1979-1983 GL, NON GL 6 Cyl 2.8L L28E, L28ET Axxess

New Nissan OEM R180 Differential Gasket 38320-U3011

Like new, used & tested 240Z-260Z fuel sender unit for production date range 10/69-7/74 Note:  We have many more of these used & tested units in stock that don't look as "like new" as this one, which we sell for $35.00 per sender.  All come with a 90 day guarantee to function properly. If you are on a tight budget, call or email us to learn how we may be able to help you save a few bucks.

Used 240Z-260Z fuel sending unit, pn 25060-E4100

Used, superior condition 240Z fan switch to heater blower motor wiring harness pn: 27155-E4400 Fits all 70-73 240Z models.  Runs inside dash from back of fan switch pigtail to blower fan motor connector with 2 extra leads and one (factory) taped back blue lead. Superior used condition shown in photo is what you will receive, not some funky looking semi-abused harness typically sold online elsewhere. Note: It is common to find many older 240Z models that have had aftermarket alarms, radios, etc spliced into this harness in the past often leaving bare wires exposed that can le

Used, superior condition 240Z fan switch to heater blower motor wiring harness pn: 27155-E4400

Nissan NOS head gasket for L24 engines, pn 11044-E3101 If you are over boring your engine as part of a rebuild please email us with a request to measure diameter of cylinder cut out of this gasket before purchasing to ensure that it will meet your needs NISSAN 11044-E3101 can be used in car models NISSAN DATSUN 240Z DATSUN 240 Coupe 1969-1973 1978-1981 LAUREL 1977-1983 LAUREL 1981-1985 LAUREL 1984-1990  

head gasket for L24 engines

SOLD  Vintage 14x6 Shelby Cal 500 slot wheels 4x4.5 bolt pattern. Sold as a complete set of 4. To arrange a purchase, send a request via our "Parts Inquiry form" with your complete name, ship to address and phone #.  We will email or call you with complete purchase information and a shipping quote. 2 wheels in set have been previously polished.   3 & 4 have not. Overall, set is in good, used condition 4 tab aftermarket center caps sold separate from wheels. 2 caps are like new, 3rd is bright & clean. The 4th shows more weathered age, but could clean up to acceptable match

Vintage, used 14×6 Shelby Cal 500 slot wheels, set of 4