Excellent used condition, classic 14x6 AutoBahn mesh design wheels 2 wheels come with original caps To purchase please send us your ZIP code and request a quote with shipping for number of wheels in set you wish to purchase.

Refurbished Nissan OEM Aluminum Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, pn 43206-E4100 Professionally bead blasted clean and freshly turned, refurbished Nissan OEM aluminum Z car brake drums are now available from ZPARTS.COM.  Drums selected for refurbishing will have potential to be turned 2-3 times more in their lifetime and be in the best cosmetic condition we can find.  These drums are real Nissan OEM Z drums with superior quality factory casting technology and restoration correct cast-in symbols and text, unlike aftermarket repos. Desired for daily drivers and by r

Refurbished Nissan OEM Aluminum Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, pn 43206-E4100

New, NOS Datsun Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, 43206-E4100 Drum weighs 6.6 lbs Possibly the last one on the planet!  This a much sought after, real NOS Nissan factory brake drum, not one of the aftermarket repos that have recently appeared online.  Drum is in as clean and fresh of condition imaginable with original factory rust protection coating still looking like new. This last NOS drum in our inventory was part of a large purchase of NOS parts from an autocross enthusiast, who purchased large quantities of Nissan factory brake drums for his racing hobby back in t

New, NOS Datsun Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, 43206-E4100

used, excellent condition 74.5-78 260Z-280Z wiper motor,  pn 28810-N4510 Unit tested smooth in all speeds and very quiet for a used unit indicating very little use and from a well maintained car. Before purchasing, make certain that connector in AD photo is exactly the same as what's on your unit. NOTE: We have one other motor in equally high quality used condition plus several others price lower that function well, but may be bit more noisy than best used units we have.  Please inquiry via email.    

used, excellent condition 74.5-78 260Z-280Z wiper motor,  pn 28810-N4510

New Nissan NOS OEM 240Z antenna switch, pn  27357-E8700 Replaces: pns  99993-00180, 27357-E4600 This switch appears to be same as Nissan used on 1972 Z and other Datsun models on through at least 1976 280Z. To insure a match, compare connector shape and pin out with one you which to replace before you purchase this one. NOTE: Most likely we have this switch in used condition at a lower price.  Contact us direct via email or phone and we'll check our stock for one. Below is a chart showing earlier part numbers that this unit appears to replace. part # model applie

New Nissan NOS OEM 240Z antenna switch, pn  27357-E8700

Used Nissan OEM 14x6 wheel set, pn 40303-N3200 Front faces been acid cleaned.  Photos show typical used condition of 3 sets of these wheels in inventory.  When time allows, photos of a specific set can be taken and emailed to a serious buyer. Price for this SET: $995.00 plus shipping NOTE: Due to size and weight of this item our shopping cart can not calculate a total with shipping charge included. Historical Note: This wheel (pn 40303-N3200) is the only OEM wheel that Nissan specifically produced for the 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z (S30) models world wide.  Nissan parts catalog shows

Vintage (4/73) Nissan OEM wheel set, 40303-N3200

Refurbished Set of 4 ARE Vector wheels All wheels have been professionally bead blasted clean front and back ready for clear coating or custom paint per buyer's preference. Please call or email us direct for full details on this set Bolt pattern 4x4.5" 0 offset. PRICE: $550.00 (without center caps) NOTE: Sales of wheels must be custom processed to insure accurate shipping cost added to total.  To purchase, please send us your full name, ship to address, email address and phone #.  We will email orcall you within 2 business days with a shipping quote.

Refurbished Set of 4 14×6 ARE Vector wheels with zero offset for Datsun models

Excellent, used condition, original "Elephant" JDM valve cover oil cap for 72-73 240Z models. Photo shows actual cap for sale. Note: We also have several more of these caps in stock for sale priced somewhat lower dependent on degree of aged, used condition.  If interested please call us direct for a quote.

Excellent, used condition, original “Elephant” JDM valve cover oil cap for 72-73 240Z models

AC/Heater fan switch for 74-78 280Z models, pn 27041-u0100 Used units sold in both refurbished* and non-refurbished conditions. Original plastic half round gear* not included in price due to many showing damage. Sometimes we have a non cracked half round gear we can sell to a switch buyer for an added price.  Check yours first before ordering a switch. Both conditions will test functionally OK before shipment, but cleaned, refurbished units will feel smoother and probably last many years longer without problems. *Refurbished units come with a 6 month pro-rated warranty.  Non-refurbi

Used or Refurbished AC/Heater fan switch for 74-78 280Z models, pn 27041-u0100

Used, best condition 260Z/280Z RH door pull/armrest Plastic anchor is still solidly embedded in unit making for a firm bolt up to inner door. Nissan used plastic anchors on only the early 260Z thru early 280Z models before going with metal anchors.  Though metal anchors may be stronger and longer lived?, this arm rest with solidly attached plastic anchor would be of greater importance to someone restoring a Z in production date range proper to this armrest. Note 1: Used chrome finishers priced per age condition & sold separately.  Please contact us before purchasing an arm rest i

Used inner door armrest, RH 260Z/280Z  pn 80940-N4600