Nardi Classic Wood Steering Wheel


Nardi Classic Wood Steering Wheel

Used Nardi Classic Wood 15″ Steering Wheel


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Nardi  Wood Steering Wheel

One of the most recognizable and coveted Nardi Classic Wood Steering Wheels ever made. This wheel’s stamped in serial number is 01779

Ferrari often chose this wheel to outfit many of it’s classic models of the 60s & 70s. Wheel comes with Nardi logo center emblem and ringed collar.

NOTE: Wheel is in near flawless used condition with one caveat, in 2 locations along outer area of wheel, the original varnish like coating over top the thin, bright metal visible between the rear and front wooden sections, as opposed to wood areas, has loosened and fallen off.  To my remembrance I managed to spot the 2 small chipped off varnish coatings and have carefully stored away protected between cardboard protectors.  With care, I believe it likely that these two slivers of thin varnish coating could be glued back into place with a clear glue, to pretty much hide the fact that they ever fell off.  Close up photos of metal areas missing the chips can be provided upon request.

Adapter for Datsun Z cars is sold separately with horn button switch included.

Wheel fits a very large range of older classic and collectable car models with correct adapter.  Go to Nardi’s site or eBay to find an adapter for your car.



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virtually all classic cars 1980s and earlier


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