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Refurbished Nissan OEM Aluminum Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, pn 43206-E4100 Professionally bead blasted clean and freshly turned, refurbished Nissan OEM aluminum Z car brake drums are now available from ZPARTS.COM.  Drums selected for refurbishing will have potential to be turned 2-3 times more in their lifetime and be in the best cosmetic condition we can find.  These drums are real Nissan OEM Z drums with superior quality factory casting technology and restoration correct cast-in symbols and text, unlike aftermarket repos. Desired for daily drivers and by r

Refurbished Nissan OEM Aluminum Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, pn 43206-E4100

New, NOS Datsun Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, 43206-E4100 Drum weighs 6.6 lbs Possibly the last one on the planet!  This a much sought after, real NOS Nissan factory brake drum, not one of the aftermarket repos that have recently appeared online.  Drum is in as clean and fresh of condition imaginable with original factory rust protection coating still looking like new. This last NOS drum in our inventory was part of a large purchase of NOS parts from an autocross enthusiast, who purchased large quantities of Nissan factory brake drums for his racing hobby back in t

New, NOS Datsun Rear Brake Drum for 240Z-260Z-280Z models, 43206-E4100

 Used 280ZX Brake Proportioning Valve, 46400-P9200 Research suggests that this pn superseded earlier valves used in 72-78 S30 models, so most likely will work fine in those earlier models. supercedes pn = 46400-N4200 Part Fitment part # model applied date qty interchange superceded from to   newer former 46400-N3000 240Z 7207 1 46400-N4200 260Z-280Z 7508 1 yes yes 46400-N3000 46400-P9200 280ZX 1979 1983 1 yes yes 46400-N4200 46400-N3700 2+2 SEATER 7310 1 No No