All 260Z INTERIOR related parts

Used, best condition 260Z/280Z RH door pull/armrest Plastic anchor is still solidly embedded in unit making for a firm bolt up to inner door. Nissan used plastic anchors on only the early 260Z thru early 280Z models before going with metal anchors.  Though metal anchors may be stronger and longer lived?, this arm rest with solidly attached plastic anchor would be of greater importance to someone restoring a Z in production date range proper to this armrest. Note 1: Used chrome finishers priced per age condition & sold separately.  Please contact us before purchasing an arm rest i

Used inner door armrest, RH 260Z/280Z  pn 80940-N4600

New, Nissan OEM window regulator handle, pn 80760-A0600. This is the "Real Deal", not a fake looking reproduction as is now sold all over the internet.  Handle has the beautiful silver finish ring inset on knob and comes complete with original black plastic door panel protector and securing cadmium plated clip. Correct OEM handle for all 70-78 240Z, 260Z, 280Z and 510 models This is a REAL OEM handle in an original Nissan box.  It is NOT a reproduction. NOTE: If you are on a budget we also have many used window regulator crank handles for sale for $10.50 each.  Please email o

New, Nissan OEM window regulator handle, pn 80760-A0600

Used (NLA) Vent Door Actuator for 8/73-8/74 ? * Datsun 260Z Note: This part may also be correct up to 1978 280Z, but have not confirmed this yet. Vacuum operated Vent Door Actuator mounted on driver side of Heater core box .  Controls door flap that opens and closes air vent door near gas pedal. Original part number 27081-N3100 replaced by 27081-N3600.  Unit now NLA

Used (NLA) Vent Door Actuator for 8/73-8/74 (?) Datsun 260Z


Used OEM Floor console Fits all 74-76 Datsun 260Z /280Z coupes and 2+2 models  Factory console comes with  slit opening to accomdate a choke lever if desired or  can be filled with a variety of cut to size plastic or vinyl covers. Overall console is in very good shape, but does have some slightly faded areas and a small break between choke lever slit and ashtray opening.  Also, has 2 1/4" drill holes at rear to mount a hinged aftermarket arm rest.  Console sold bare without ashtray, arm rest or misc, hdwe.  $27.50 estimated shipping cost

USED, OEM Floor console Fits all Datsun 74-76 260Z /280Z coupes and 2+2 models

Nardi Wood Steering Wheel

Nardi  Wood Steering Wheel One of the most recognizable and coveted Nardi Classic Wood Steering Wheels ever made. This wheel's stamped in serial number is 01779 Ferrari often chose this wheel to outfit many of it's classic models of the 60s & 70s. Wheel comes with Nardi logo center emblem and ringed collar. NOTE: Wheel is in near flawless used condition with one caveat, in 2 locations along outer area of wheel, the original varnish like coating over top the thin, bright metal visible between the rear and front wooden sections, as opposed to wood areas, has loosened and fallen off.

Used Nardi Classic Wood 15″ Steering Wheel


New aftermarket Speaker Enclosure Kit for 74.5-76 260Z/280Z Kit comes in coupe and 2+2 model versions.  Allows addition of 2 extra 4" speakers to rear area of a Z car without drilling or altering original interior panel,  to add depth of sound and volume in a Z car where there are few options to adding speakers without loss of space or damage to valuable original interior parts. Made of hard black plastic similar to Nissan OEM interior panel surfaces. Enclosure flanges have pre drilled holes that align to holes where stock inspection plates fasten to stock interior tail light panel of

New Aftermarket Rear Speaker Enclosure Kit for coupe or 2+2 models